Tired of All the Drama With Your Website?
Make it Stop: Switch to Brick River

Brick River is your secret weapon to run websites, communicate with your people, and organize events in one simple package.


Create, Publish & Edit Website Content With No Coding

  • Any site design you want, any type of content.
  • Simple, drag and drop page editing (change what you want, when you want).

Keep Your Contacts up to Speed

  • Manage your contacts, customers, and more.
  • Create and manage email outreach campaigns.

Plan and Manage Events

  • Easily set up events, manage invites, RSVP’s etc.
  • Publish your event calendar easily across multiple sites.

Run Multiple Sites From One Dashboard

  • Manage all your sites from a single control panel.
  • Push content to all or some of your sites (you decide).

Keep Developers Happy

  • Code is always accessible, no builders or templates to get around.
  • Nothing proprietary: pages & layouts can be edited in HTML, CSS & C# Razor.

Hosted on the Microsoft Cloud, for security and performance

See videos of it in action

Quick Overview 2:29 Quick Overview
All-in-one awesomeness: emailing 1:28 All-in-one awesomeness: emailing
Managing Content with No Coding 1:19 Managing Content with No Coding
Managing Multiple Websites 1:14 Managing Multiple Websites
What developers will like about Brick River 2:45 What developers will like about Brick River
Event Registration and Forms Overview 2:50 Event Registration and Forms Overview
Managing Contacts 2:27 Managing Contacts
Build a Site in Brick River - Deeper Dive 13:36 Build a Site in Brick River - Deeper Dive

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"I’ve been a professional communicator for more than a decade and managed numerous websites during that time. I didn’t know how fantastic the experience could be until working with Brick River. Their expertise and customer service are phenomenal. The Brick River staff care a great deal about making sure clients are happy, and I am incredibly grateful to be able to work with them. I love Brick River and can’t recommend this company strongly enough."

Christa Meland

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Problems & Solutions

Juggling too many systems?

With most/all of your needs in one package, you don't have to sync systems together. Things are both easier and more powerful.

Have multiple websites?

One site. 1,000 sites. No extra logins. Simply press a button and get another site. Tie them together - sharing layouts and content. If you're an agency, manage all your customers from one screen.

Got plugin issues?

For good or bad, there aren't plugins on the Brick River system. The system is a collection of helpers and open code. So you have the coding flexibility to add in things that normally you would need a plugin for.

Don't want to deal with hosting or code maintenance?

Brick River is up with just the push of a button. That means you don't have to wait to get going and you don't have code or hosting maintenance to deal with.

Don't like paying extra transaction fees for event registrations?

Brick River doesn't add any of its own transaction fees to registrations. It saves you lots of money and keeps you from feeling like you're being nickel and dimed.

Dealing with behemoth code or crazy-expensive license fees?

Much of the same functionality as the big systems but less hassle. You're up and running right way - not in days or weeks. Just fire up an instance and get working.

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