Running many websites on Brick River

One of the things that truly brings us joy is when customers use our system to the fullest of its capabilities.

We built Brick River from the ground up so that customers can run many websites. One of the common use cases is when an organizations has many subsidiary organizations or "regions." What they do is build one root level design and make it variable for branding and content elements per site.

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Technically, the sky is really the limit on how many sites you can run. For example, you could run thousands of sites, but the most common customer that is doing multiple sites is running anywhere from five or six up to a dozen.


Have a look at the system. We built eight connected websites for them. We engaged in one design process and built out the design, layouts, and content objects for them. The layouts and content are shared by all the camp sites. They can post a news article, photo, or camp session and have it shown on all the sites.

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