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Brick River has brought New Hampshire Theatre Project into the 21st century with a bold, contemporary website that is visually appealing, easy for our customers to navigate, and provides a wide variety of CMS strategies that are flexible and easily adapted to our organization's unique needs. An added plus - everybody at Brick River is creative and fun; it is a joy to work with them.

Genevieve Aichele

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I’ve been a professional communicator for more than a decade and managed numerous websites during that time. I didn’t know how fantastic the experience could be until working with Brick River. Their expertise and customer service are phenomenal. The Brick River staff care a great deal about making sure clients are happy, and I am incredibly grateful to be able to work with them. I love Brick River and can’t recommend this company strongly enough.

Christa Meland

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The collaboration with Brick River was an extraordinary experience. It truly was a creative partnership characterized by mutual respect, high energy, and on-or-beforedeadline performance that far surpassed even hoped-for expectation!

Dr. Arthur McClanahan

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Brick River has been a valuable partner for many years. Having an integrated website, email system, and registration system make the moving pieces of our communication plan work together seamlessly.

Sybil Davidson

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Brick River did a fantastic job with my web site. From start to finish, they always went the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied. Their vast knowledge and design skills, coupled with his imagination and attention to detail, resulted in a web site that exceeded my expectations. Simply put, I couldn't be happier, and would highly recommend Brick River to all my fellow authors.

Gregory Funaro

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Brick River provides an incredible toolbox for digital managers to build and update their site(s), communicate with their users and members, and organize events. The Brick River team has been a great collaborator across multiple projects, and I look forward to working with them again.

James Sununu

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With over 900 volunteers scattered across the country, the NOMADS rely on our website to not only provide information about our organization to the public, but to function as the central point of contact with our members and the agencies we serve. When we approached Brick River about upgrading our site to a full service portal, they greeted the request with enthusiasm and professionalism, even though the task presented formidable challenges. The Brick River staff was a pleasure to work with throughout the process, and we are certainly pleased with the end result.

Dan Brown


Great experience from day one! The Brick River team listened to our ideas, reflected back to us many options and opportunities, worked quickly to create the site, and were available every step of the way to give feedback and make any changes – even after our new site launched! The team listened carefully to our needs and helped create an attractive and highly functional website! Thanks Brick River!

Keith Shew

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