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Might you need?


Want sites, contacts, email marketing, and event reg together?

Christa had six marketing tools and one cranky cutie. Now with everything together, she has more time to take baby to see Babe the Blue Ox.

CRM/Contact DB

Need to manage members, donors, contacts, donations, etc?

When Tim got the news his clunky old database was going to be put out of its misery, he quit monkeying around and moved into a Brick (River) house.

A new website

Need a fresh design or have a subscription renewal looming?

Communications queen Tiffany, and her saber-wielding sidekick Drew, teamed up to make a website more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

MANY websites

Need to run lots of websites but in a non-lame, easy-to-manage way?

Jane is nice and stuff, but the last thing she wanted was her districts ineptly building their own crappy sites. Multisite brought the branding together—and that means more wackadoodle-y delicious desserts.

Event Registration

Need pro-level event reg, free of subtle soul-sucking fees?

Communications Director Dave's screaming crew of event staff needed a slew of registration forms. Luckily, building them is Luddite-level easy, or he'd surely be in the doghouse.

Email Marketing

Need to send newsletters out in a jiffy to specific lists?

Danette was spending over an hour noodling with her newsletter. But on Brick River she cut that down to ten minutes. That's 50 more minutes she and Pete can spend picking out cute hats.

"Brick River is to websites as milk is to cereal. You can have cereal without milk, but why would you? It’s so easy, we’ve forgotten how to spell HTML."
J. Vance Morton—Director of Communications and IT, Central TX Conference of The UMC

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