Multiple Connected Websites, Contact Management, and Event Registration.


Build and manage multiple websites, manage and email contacts, and monetize events.

Multisite Management

Manage one, dozens, or hundreds of websites—and share content and brand elements across them all.

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Contacts & Communications Hub

Manage contacts, members, partners, franchisees, locations, and volunteers. Engage them through email and social.

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Fee-free Event Registration

Feature-rich event registration for organizations that run a lot of events and hate transaction fees.

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Connected Websites

Go Camping gathers their sites around a central source

Go Camping's websites all share one multisite management system for branding, content, calendar and camper information. Yet, each site looks as unique as the location itself. Administrators can spin up new pages, landing page, and events with the confidence it will be on brand.

  • Publish content across many websites with one click
  • Central management creates brand consistency across sites
  • Lets camps focus on what they do best, lowering costs and increasing productivity for the parent and sub sites
Contacts & Communications Hub

California Nevada UMC brings people together

By keeping their contacts in one real-time database, CNUMC is just clicks away from connecting with their community. No costly cluster of web, email, or event apps, and no complicated outside contact management apps to sync.

  • Websites, Email, Contacts, and Event Registrations in one app
  • Unlimited customizable contact dimensions, plus reporting
  • Integrates with other ERP/CRM systems
Event Registration

Special Olympics Texas wins big with event registration and forms

Organizations often need to collect information, update contacts and run events. Brick River’s Registration System lets you create complex event registrations, surveys, or forms. It’s built for professionals. You can:

  • Collect registration fees
  • Allow one person to register many people
  • Check in attendees at the door
  • Process payments through Braintree or PayPal - with NO extra fees added by Brick River


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