For hundreds of years people built brick factories and mills along our New England rivers. That has always been our inspiration. Bricks for building beautiful things and rivers for connecting them to the rest of the world.  That's why we are Brick River. Oh, and we started in a brick building on a river in 2001.

The story of Brick River is simple.  A small team of designers, who like creating websites with straight code, set out to provide their customers with the easiest, most intuitive, and powerful CMS possible - a CMS that allowed users to compose many types of content directly on full pages in a WYSIWYG editor.  

We realized quickly that we had achieved something important: an enterprise level CMS that is easier and faster than the competition.  Compared to other CMS systems with their licensing fees, hosting costs, and IT resources required, Brick River delivers unbeatable value.

In a nutshell, if you’re sick of dealing with software that chains your creative spirit and buries you in overly complex technology,  you deserve a CMS designed especially for you.  You deserve Brick River

We have offices in Exeter, NH and Cambridge, MA

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