Beautiful and Functional Website Design

Currently under construction, we are doing for the New Hampshire Theatre Project. The site has an appealing design to attract audiences, donors, and members, but also quickly routes the different visitor types. Also have a look at the short video that we made for them below the screenshot.

  • Show-goers
  • Parents and kids looking at camps
  • Adults looking at workshops
  • Potential donors and/or members

Here's a short video that we made for NHTP

It tells their story and helps attract attendees, campers, workshop people, donors, and members.

Arts & Culture-Specific Content Management

Sure, our content management is extremely flexible, but we built a layer that is specific to arts & culture organizations so that you don't have to start from scratch. Use it as a starting point and tweak it to fit your specific needs and brilliant ideas.

  • Shows/productions
  • Cast members, performers
  • Camps and workshops
  • Area attractions
  • Insert your brilliant idea here

Here's a screenshot of a "production" record in NHTP. See how it brings lots of tables together.

Technical Expertise to Integrate with APIs/Other Systems

We won't bore you with all the technical details, but we have decades of deep technical experience and can make APIs do things they weren't supposed to do. That means if you have other systems (like ticketing systems), we're a fantastic bet for integrating them with your website.

Not That You Need It, But... Contact Management If You Do

We totally get that you are likely all set in a great way in terms of your contact management.
We know that many of you have an amazing CRM and ticketing system. But, in case you are not all set, one of the other components of the Brick River platform is contact management. And in thinking about arts & culture organizations, we rolled a layer that is specific to you. 

Here's a screenshot that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Inspiring and Donation-Inducing Videos

We are fairly certain you have got it down when it comes to video capabilities, but should you need video services, we can create videos that inspire, educate and help raise donations. This video below helped raise $50 million for a new arts center.

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