The Important attribute accepts "true" or "false" and can be applied to <Fieldset> and various field types.

  • when included in <Fieldset> will cause the fieldset to open in expanded view, rather than collapsed.
  • when included in a field <tag> will cause the label and field content to display in bold style, content font-size will be 1.5 em.

<View Id="News" TableId="Content" Name="News" >
        <Category Id="Category" CatType="Content Types" Required="true" Multiple="true"/>
        <Column Id="Title" Type="VarChar" Length="255" Important="true"/>
        <FieldSet Id="EventDateFields" Name="Event Dates" Important="true">
            <Column Id="StartDate" Name="Start" Type="DateTime" Important="true" />
            <Column Id="EndDate" Name="End" Type="DateTime"/>
        </FieldSet Id="Article" Name="Article" Important="false">

The results of the code above:
  • The Event Dates Section is expanded by default
  • The Article Section is collapsed by default
  • The Title and Start Fields are bold and large
  • The Written Date and End Fields are normal