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6 Triggers Your Nonprofit Needs A New Website Design

November 20, 2015

Your website is like a window into the soul of your organization. It functions as your public face, your business card, your information disseminator, your cheerleader, community hub, and your diary....

Ow, product updates

October 13, 2015

New single-column responsive templates At the top of the templates gallery, you will see. Responsive templates look good on mobile devices. Single-column they are, but multi are coming next week. ...

Adding keywords to your WHOLE site

September 15, 2015

Here's how you add keywords to your whole site in Brick River.

NOMADS Video - Brick River Software And Services Use Case

September 11, 2015

NOMADS, a national nonprofit organization uses a Brick River designed website and software platform to connect with members, donors, and agencies.

Page meta enhancements

September 09, 2015

Changes to the page editor and content tables for SEO

Hotjar is really cool

August 21, 2015

Just started working with Hotjar recordings and it's already helping me.

How To Evaluate The Best Content Management System (CMS) For Your Organization

August 11, 2015

What is a Content Management System? In the dial-up days of the early web, developers built website pages on their local computers. Once the design was complete, they would transfer their page ...

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