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Despite exhausting overlord clients Tiffany and Drew, the Southern New England Conference UCC gets a shiny new website.

January 23, 2020

By Paul Schneider The Southern New England Conference of the United Church of Christ needed a brand spankin’ new website for their brand spankin’ new conference.  MA, CT, and RI merged to form a new...

Together We Thrive Goes Bold with Artistic New Website

January 16, 2020

The Together We Thrive initiative brings together different religious organizations to give clergy training, coaching, and support systems to help better lead their ministries. Rev. Heather Ramsey ...

Holston Conference Gets More for Less With New Website

December 19, 2019

When Tim Jones, Director of Communications at the Holston Conference, started his new job in 2018, he knew his clunky website had to go. “Coming from a pastor position and dealing with the website in ...

The Mississippi Conference Improves Communication With District Sites

December 12, 2019

Jane Horstman, the Database Manager for the Mississippi Conference of The United Methodist Church, saw multiple problems with her 11 districts’ websites. They were either non-existent, out-dated, or...

New feature: SASS compiling to speed up your web development

November 12, 2019

We added a new feature and that lets you work with your CSS using SASS. If you know anything about SASS this will reduce repetition and save you a ton of time. Below if a video and here's a tutorial ...

Improved Filtering

November 07, 2019

We improved the filtering. Check out the vid... Filters collapsed by default chews up less vertical space. NULL and NOT NULL searching is easier. New "Exclude"-based searching. New ability to choose ...

Unzip files in Brick River's file system. A great way to upload folders and files.

November 07, 2019

We added the ability for you to unzip files in the Brick River files system. This is a great way for you to upload folders and nested files and folders in one shot.  

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