The Missouri Conference manages dozens of sites with ease


The Missouri Conference of The UMC has many district sites singing in harmony

Watch how the Missouri Conference automatically blends local and conference news and resources across all its sites. Supporting multiple websites gets easier when your contributors, code, and content are in one system. With Brick River they:

  • Control the brand, yet allow each site to be local and distinctive.
  • Train new admins easily who become productive quickly.
  • Spend less time helping districts with their disparate systems.
  • The subsite owners save time and money – and collaborate!

"Our districts love being able to share content. I love being able to help them in a system that I already know. They even have started helping each other! Additionally, using a common web design reduces angst for them and me and frees up our district offices to do other things."  
- Lauren Miers, Senior Communications Specialist, Missouri Conference of The UMC

Multisites works for all kinds of sites: regions, districts, departments, churches, products, camps, etc.