Brick River Ripples: October 2022


Featured Update

Seeing undeliverable emails now way easier

Big news: Undeliverable emails — the land where bounced, unsubscribed and spam-reported emails go — now connects to contacts. This means you can check the deliverability of a group of contacts before sending that next big email blast. Additionally, we added unbounce by domain capability. See a video walk-through and get the related how-to articles in this news update.

Learning Opportunities

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Did You Know?

Reg forms allow you to create shared reports. These shared reports are accessible to non-Brick River users and update automatically as new individuals complete your form. You can customize the fields that display in the report. Those with the link can search the list and download or print a copy of the list. This is perfect for those wanting moment-to-moment updates on the registration list for their event!