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New People Portal Deployment Docs Debut

Pondering, plotting, or planning a People Portal launch? Our documentation team took the People Portal plunge and produced a handy how-to for Portal design, setup, and rollout. If you're ready to go from plain 'ole database to People Portal paradise, read on.

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Upcoming Webinar: Creating Engaging Email Newsletters

Inboxes are full, and time is short, yet you still need to get essential information to your audience. How do you make your email newsletter stand out? Join us and a panel of special guests at 1 p.m. EST TOMORROW, March 29, as we explore three different email newsletter styles. Get the Zoom link ?

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Did You Know?

When drafting in the Brick River emailer, code snippets can save you loads of time! Code snippets are chunks of code that can be inserted into pages, layouts, emails, and content records. Our favorites for emails include:

  • Content Digest, which auto-pulls the records you select from your specified Content view
  • Card with Image, which places a full-width image and space for copy below it
  • Content Digest Categorized, which lists specified entries from a selected Content view and organizes the list by categories
Read more about snippets in this help doc.