Added a "short name alias" and removed testing of PayPal


The main feature we added was...customers can have an alias. We did this because two of our customers got a new name and merged with other organizations. The new organization didn't want to use the old short name to access Brick River or for the reg forms.
For example, let's say we had a customer called ABC that accessed the system at or their reg forms were
BUT the company became XYZ. They wanted to have everything go to: or xyz-reg/thisevent BUT they still needed old reg form links and bookmarks to work.
That's what the alias does. It allows them to change their primary short name to XYZ but have an alias for ABC and the alias redirects to the primary.

In this update, we also removed the testing of the PayPal link. Our favorite payment processor is Stripe and so we felt we didn't need the PayPal testing anymore since we are encouraging all new customers to use Stripe.