Adding keywords to your WHOLE site



Last week we mentioned how you can add keywords and descriptions to pages.

But we forgot to mention how to add them to your whole site.
Here's how. Get your "techie" to do this.


  1. Click Site > Site Layouts
  2. Pick the root layout of your website
  3. Look right below the <title> tag for the helper @BRT.GenerateMeta()
  4. Simply add a keywords parameter like this: 
    @BRT.GenerateMeta(keywords: new[] {"first keyword","second keyword" })

Sum Notes

Site-level and page-level keywords will combo up happily, giddily, hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm, with rosy cheeks of hope

The keywords you give to the site will be combined with page keywords. For example...

Let's say you give the following keywords to your whole site

@BRT.GenerateMeta(keywords: new[] {"Truculent Somnambulists",
"Butterfly Haggis Croutons" })

and then on a particular page you add the keyword "Sneezing Cheese Eaters"

When combined on that particular page, it will render the following:

<meta name="keywordscontent="Truculent Somnabulists,Butterfly Haggis Croutons,
Sneezing Cheese Eaters

and that in turn will drive your SEO through the roof
and all those that you want to knock on your Internet door, will
and you will finally be recognized as the humble hero that you are.


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