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YOU are an effective communicator. How do we know? Though you have cultivated gardens of flowery language, you always find a way to arrange the appropriate bouquet. You pick the right message and deliver it with texture, in context, and with conviction.
You love it that writing is a creative art, but you’re every bit a technician; a word sleuth, a gourmet chef of sentence structure. You understand that good communication is a gift you give others, and that joy comes from seeing it unwrapped.

Effective Communicators Know Their Audience

Let’s face it, effective communication takes genius. You have to resonate with your audience. You have to tell a story, and use whatever means necessary to get content into cortexes. Effective Communicators understand that choosing the right word is important, but that sometimes it’s about using no words at all.
Because an image can say it for you.

Communicators Need The Right Tools.

The Brick River platform was built with the needs of Organizational Communicators in mind, and it's full of tools to make their job easier. One example of this is the Image Resizer. 
  • Resizes the image. You do not have to manually crop prior to uploading.
  • The system saves the cropped image, which means it actually loads a smaller file! This helps your website stay lean, and load faster.
  • Aligns photos, wrap text, and add control margins on all sides.
  • Apply CSS styles. Styles that you create in a CSS file can be applied to the photo from right inside the tool. 
  • Add additional CSS declarations in the “Style” field.
  • Set one dimension parameter, and the tool will automatically resize the other dimension proportionally.
  • Set both dimension parameters and select crop, and the tool will resize an image to those dimension without distorting the photo.

Streamline Content Creation

It is not easy creating content, and dealing with images can take up time. The Brick River Image Tool streamlines the process by allowing you to edit images from inside your blog post or newsletter. Simply click on the “Insert Image” button. Choose your parameters and click save. 

Handy! And instead of using an image editing software every time you need to make a size change, just double click on the photo to reopen the image tool.

Powerful Platform

The Brick River platform is a powerful hosted environment with useful tools like the Image Resizer. Give it try in your next blog post or newsletter!


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