Cal-Nevada Conference Launches Redesigned Website

8/10/2023 1 minute read

Another website redesign is in the books, and this time it was for our friends at the California-Nevada Conference of The United Methodist Church. When Selby Ewing, director of communications at the Conference, approached us about refreshing their website, she shared that the site needed to visually represent the California-Nevada Conference and have a robust, easy-to-use navigation. Challenge accepted.

"The update was long overdue and making the change now gave us the opportunity to foreground our new vision statement," Ewing says. The newly launched website prioritizes the Conference's key priorities, mission, and vision above the fold. Clean lines and type and bold, contrasty colors set the stage for a design driven by images of the people that make up the California-Nevada Conference.

Additionally, the design utilizes the snappy new Brick River site search as well as department page templates. These dynamic department pages are powered by content tags, so any editor can refresh content without affecting the page's layout.

"Paul and Barbara heard us and brought our laundry list to life in a great design that is functional for folks in the local church," Ewing says. "There is a buzz happening that is helping folks remember who we are. It has been a challenging several years and the site helps folks see all we are doing and where we are going."