Code Snippet Round-Up: Making the Most of Brick River


We love code snippets, and so do our customers. If you don’t know much about snippets, they’re little nuggets of code you can easily drop into Brick River. We use them a lot in design and as neat add-ins for functionality—the potential is nearly unlimited in these powerful little dudes.

THE UPSHOT? Look to use them where you can. We have a few baked-in ones but you can also create your own specific to your needs.

Here’s a few examples...

1. Floating Image in Text Block

With this snippet, it’s easy to shuffle in pictures and break up chunks of text with a little scenery. You can align the floating box to the right or left and choose from a handful of sizes. But no matter what size you choose, your pictures will show up properly on any screen because the snippet is responsive.

(Psst… If you appreciate the hipster latin text generator as much as I do, then you can check it out here: )

2. Drop-Down Accordion

Keep word soup from spilling all over your webpage with an accordion. It’s especially useful to nest parts and pieces of information when you have a lot of it.

You may want to build a documentation page but rather not have site visitors comb through long documents to find the part they need. An accordion can help you divide sections and save valuable website real estate for everything else you want to show.

3. Conference Room Booking

The Mountain Sky Conference of the UMC uses code snippets to generate a webpage in which they can respond to requests for conference rooms. Basically, they wanted a way to let people request space but have an easy (but also secure) way to email them an approval.

The snippet generates a confirmation email so the requester can see if they’re approved and when their appointment is. We also mention security because since a code snippet generates the code when requested, it’s impossible for someone to figure out a direct URL to access.