Creating a Simple Proposal Maker in Brick River


So I was spending a lot of time making proposals or estimates for potential customers. I felt like I was reinventing the wheel every time I did it. I had a Google Doc with just my company logo as the starting point and then I'd fill in the rest - sometimes pulling content from other proposals. I looked at off-the-shelf proposal systems but wasn't in love with their templates or thought, heck I've already got this stuff in my system AND I need to publish it to my website anyway. I don't want to maintain two systems.

So then it dawned on me, Why don't I make a simple proposal maker that makes it easy for me to pick standard services, testimonials, references, portfolio pieces, team member bios, etc?

So that's what I did. It's really easy in Brick River to build data containers. We call them "views" but think of them as tables in a database.

I made a new one called "proposals" and now what used to take me practically a day may take me half an hour and it's consistent and a better experience for the potential customer.

Here's a 5 minute video on it

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