Creative Carnivore Helps Conference Crush New Site


When the Florida Conference of the UMC redesigned its website, they bit off more than they could chew. Luckily, our carnivorous front-end design expert, Barbara Gomes, can masticate even the gristly-est of website problems.

Redesigning your website is an eventuality for most mission-driven organizations. But that pit-in-your-stomach feeling comes into play when you have a complex site with hundreds, or possibly thousands, of pages.

Not to mention, you might have many people and departments that need to constantly and efficiently update their parts of the site. What seems like a simple facelift can quickly turn into a wrinkly, crinkly process.

These were the pain points the Florida Conference felt at the outset of the project. With about a thousand pages, three weekly stories, and all kinds of registration forms; it was time to pull out the big guns and call upon our front-end pro, Barbara Gomes.

Barbara doesn’t mess around either, after all, she eats raw meat, cow hearts (literally), and websites for breakfast.

Barbara did a great job of taking what we gave her,” said Don Youngs, Web Site & Video Production Consultant.

“Brick River is very responsive and within two months we were ready to launch.”

In fact, Barbara exceeded original expectations and delivered the site before their deadline. Which worked great for them, because we cleaned off their plate so they could focus on critical year-end reporting instead.

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