Despite exhausting overlord clients Tiffany and Drew, the Southern New England Conference UCC gets a shiny new website.


By Paul Schneider

The Southern New England Conference of the United Church of Christ needed a brand spankin’ new website for their brand spankin’ new conference. 

MA, CT, and RI merged to form a new super-conference more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

I had the (dis)pleasure of working with long-time customers Tiffany, the “nice” director of communications, and Drew her tough-guy lackey.

Drew is taller than me, stronger than me, and a champion fencer, so the only way I can say these things about him is by writing it 100 miles away from his face.

Tiffany is “nice”, to your face, but behind your back, she’s a dagger-toting character assassin.

This is why we did such a good job for them. Fear.

Anyhoo, the website, their glorious new website, is the merging of beauty branding and fastidious functionality. It gets their message across while making it easy for users to find stuff in a sea of stuff.

The blurred brand bar uses the denomination’s lovely and soothing colors and highlights the conference’s noble and inspiring values,
while the…
tabby interface brings the site’s most-accessed areas to the forefront.

When called upon, the shy and humble mega-menu offers quick-clicking to the site’s plethora of pages and resources. News, events, classifieds, resources, newsletters, photo galleries, videos, blogs, contact directories, and more.

To be serious for a moment, we had a great time working with Tiffany and Drew (as we always do) and feel like together with them we created something that will serve their conference for many moons to come.

View the site

Of the project, Drew said...

“Working with the Brick River team was a pleasure. Steve and Barbara were responsive, helpful and their experience made the entire process easy. Paul was helpful too; I needed a moving target to practice my lunging attacks and he frequently ran away when I entered the room.”

Of the project, Tiffany said…
“Barbara was a pleasure to work with. She was responsive, but also not afraid to let me know if she thought I was off-base with something. That collaborative effort made for a much better website overall. As for Paul, at least now I know why he’s been so much nicer since I started working with Drew.”


The author after Drew got wind of this article...