Draft Creation Granularity and Menu Items


Draft-Creation Granularity

We made draft-creation more granular. It used to be that IF you turned on DraftMode on views or for users or groups that it would create a draft on ANY action, be they add, delete, or edit.
Well, it turns out that customers want to proof add changes more than they do edits. That because there might be a ton of safe edits but adding a new record to a view is where they might want to review. So you can do that now. You can go either to Users/Groups under the Admin menu or you can go to views.

In Users/Group you click on "manage view permissions"

and then click on "Version Mode" and choose the option you want.

You can also set the VersionMode in the view XML if you prefer.

Add Menu Items

Now you have the ability to put views into Menu Items. Let's say, you have a few views that don't make sense under content. Many you've created a couple views that make sense under a menu called "sales", or "finance", or "company". Well, you can do that simply by going to the view and adding a parameter to the view called Menu.

A bug fix and a small thing

  • Fixed the mass updater. If there was a boolean field and you wanted to mass update values to the "off" position, it would not do the update. Fixed.
  • We replaced: Admin, Help/KB, and Me with icons in the main menu