Updates Made to Extension Ministries and Statuses List


While The United Methodist Church is one of our biggest customers, Brick River in its base form is not specifically built to serve only UMC Conferences. This means sometimes our incredible UMC Advisory Panel brings issues to our attention, and we're able to make adjustments. The latest of these is the list of options in the "Non-Church Connection" drop-down, which is used when entering appointments.

Previously, the four categories of extension ministry A: Within UM Structure; B: Endorsed by GBHEM; C: GBGM Missionary; D: Other Valid Ministries were condensed into just three categories (options for A and C were combined). Additionally, they were labeled inconsistently so that they appeared individually, instead of in groups by category, in the very long list of options. Our Conference Secretary friends and resident UMC experts informed us that this increases the likelihood of categorizing an extension ministry appointment incorrectly.

Thanks to the diligent work of said Conference Secretary friends, we made the recommended changes to the list. The result is a newly ordered, slightly shorter list.

The "Non-Church Connection" drop-down has been edited so that similar types of appointment categories now are grouped together. For instance:
  • All the categories of extension ministry (Book of Discipline ¶344) that begin with the phrase “Appointed to extension ministry …” are listed together.
  • All the deacon-related appointments are also together.
  • Although various types of leave are not grouped, they are labeled logically and alphabetized so that they’re easy to find.
Though each UMC conference uses this list a bit differently, the new labeling and ordering protocol should allow for greater ease of use without eliminating the wide and nuanced selection of options in the list.