Hotjar is really cool



I just started using this web service called Hotjar at and I gotta tell ya, I'm sort of blown away by their technology and more importantly, it's really helping me understand user behavior and make improvements to my website.

They have lots of tools and we are just using the "recordings" tool now. Check out my video if you want on what I'm learning.
Here's a quick little list of what I've learned...

Areas for improvement

  • People are having trouble with my login page.
  • Our KB search engine needs to be improved.

Things I noticed

  • Theory: I think that people put their mouse near where are reading.
  • I sensed from watching recordings that people were getting lost as they were going from page to page.
    I don't think this kind of insight can be gotten as easily from aggregate data. For example, you might see stats on pages clicking but, watching the recordings, you can see HOW their mouse is moving - in a sort of "lost way" - grasping for anything to either get them back or get them to some info. From this, I decided to put in some "cross links" back to pages from within other pages.

Some questions I had were answered

  • On a particular page, I wondered whether I should put a table of contents. Watching the recordings, I was able to see that a number of people were using the toc, so I patted myself on the back. :-)
  • I also wondered whether it was a good idea for me to put in a "stats" section on this particular page. As I watched, I saw a number of people pause at that section and some of them even moved their cursors into that section and right on top of certain stats.


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