Need Help? Maintenance Plans Are Here.

9/12/2023 2 minute read

Over the past few years we've done lots of small ad hoc work for almost every one of you. However, as Brick River and its clients continue to grow and evolve, we've been out of bandwidth to handle the number of small work requests. So, after much research, we came up with a solution: Maintenance plans.

With the rollout of maintenance plans, we won't be doing ad hoc small work requests outside of maintenance plans any longer. If you do need small maintenance work through us, then that pathway will be via a maintenance plan.

What's a maintenance plan?

The concept is simple: A minimum number of committed clients buy a year-long maintenance plan. Then, Brick River will likewise commit to hiring a full time developer and account manager dedicated solely to your maintenance and customization needs.

Under these plans, next time you need some small work done, you will get quick responses from an account manager who knows the ins and outs of Brick River, and our dedicated developer will provide the dev time needed for quick turnarounds.

What's a small work request?

We consider small work requests to be updates to, creation of, or questions about your custom stuff, including:
  • Your specific website that we designed together
  • Custom reports we created for you
  • Custom views or code we developed together
  • Custom data syncs, such as regular imports from other platforms

How do I know if I need one?

  • If you've asked us for small tasks this year, this plan was designed for YOU.
  • If you need regular updates on the types of items listed above.
  • If you want to make your website and/or database just a little bit better every single month or quarter.
See answers to other FAQs, available plans and pricing, and how to sign up at