New People Portal Deployment Docs Debut


The Brick River People Portal is a custom hub for user-specific information similar to what a clinic's patients might use to view their own medical records, find their next appointment, or pay their doctor’s bill.

In United Methodist conferences, the People Portal allows participants to access annual report forms and charge conference forms, complete clergy compensation forms, view conference information and announcements, see a photo directory of all clergy, review their leadership assignments, and even update sections of their own people record, such as contact information, education history, and CEU’s.

The start of the school year is the perfect time to rollout a People Portal, but now is the time to plan if you intend to make a fall launch.

Our documentation team has been hard at work developing and testing new guides for designing, setting up, and deploying the People Portal in your conference.

People Portal Overview

View a quick video overview of the People Portal, its functionality, and the recommended steps involved for design, building, and launch.

People Portal Design

This guide highlights the various ways information can be shared via the People Portal with a focus on how this knowledge can inform your People Portal design. You'll want to map out your design and intent before you start setting it up.

People Portal Setup

Read up on the nitty gritty of making your People Portal dream a reality. This guide includes the techie steps for activating the Portal, should you go that route, and important information for finalizing Portal setup post-Brick River activation and install.

People Portal Deployment

Get inspired by different methods of making your People Portal public!

Bonus Reading

If you're already utilizing the People Portal and need a refresher or want some advanced user tips, check out these reads: