North Georgia Conference Debuts New Search Engine


A search engine is a key feature on any website, and on Brick River-backed sites, longtime customers know that searching has seen many iterations:
  • First there was Google Site Search, which prioritized old content and didn't crawl websites frequently enough to grab new content. Then, Google shut down Site Search, so it was game over.
  • Next came Brick River search 1.0. Admins could decide which types of content got indexed for search, and recent content appeared first. The drawback? It was slow as molasses.
  • Then, we found AddSearch, a third-party add-on that came with a monthly fee but filtered as users typed in the search box. But the subscription rate kept creeping up, and some admins had trouble with its indexing and relevancy.

When we worked with the North Georgia Conference of The United Methodist Church to redesign its website, we added a new search engine as part of the overhaul.

The new search engine is hosted as a webpage on the North Georgia website. Admins have complete control over what gets indexed, which types of content display and what content appears first.
  • Features First: Admins can indicate pinned, highlighted search results as easily as they can add a homepage slider to the rotation or update a quick pick button (depending how your website is set up).
  • Results group by content (news, people, events) type with the most relevant results for each type listed first.
  • Quick access to contact info displays in the results list. For example, for church entries not only does the entry's address and phone display, but buttons appear to quickly take you to directions on Google Maps, call the church's phone number, or link you to the church website.
  • Filters as you type à la Google.
  • Searches only indexed content.