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NOMADS is a national nonprofit organization made up of people with recreational vehicles (RVs) who love to travel and volunteer. The NOMADS mission is to connect their members with agencies looking for volunteers, thus pairing free labor with projects in need of it. Typical projects involve construction, remodeling, and repairs, and typical project sites include churches, schools, camps, and children's homes. Each year NOMADS members provide over 110,000 volunteer labor hours.

Like most nonprofits, NOMADS seeks to recruit new members, donors, and agencies. To do that, they need an effective website so target groups can quickly learn about NOMADS and join. Then, once members, donors, and agencies have joined, NOMADS needs a way to communicate with each group - to pair members with agencies, and attract donations. 

Brick River offers nonprofits like NOMADS a total communications solution, by providing modern, friendly website design, paired with a custom built, powerful Content Management System. It's the perfect fit for groups looking to expand their outreach.

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