Ow, product updates


New single-column responsive templates
At the top of the templates gallery, you will see. Responsive templates look good on mobile devices. Single-column they are, but multi are coming
next week.

Easier importer
Now, pick the destination and it shows you the fields you need.

Reg system: do *not* send the confirmation email
Check a box now to turn confirmation emails off.

Reg system: top o' the pay screen shows the name
to more easily tell who paid.

Reg system: "confirmation" links shareable
Now those links can be emailed and work to people on the outside.

Email replies log
Sometimes recipients email that "@brtapp.com" email address. That was a black hole until yesterday. Under Email > Replies, you can see.

A bunch of other little stuff and bug fixes
Ya know, that "other stuff" type stuff.

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