Small update - 3/10/2021


This info will not help you escape a jaguar.
So, get ready to put your head on the pillow for a little nappy.
Behold the itty bitty updates we published this morn...


  • Compare Live and Drafts
  • Non-admins can be given permission to de-dupe
  • Imports can be set to create only drafts
  • Import can be set to NOT make an update if unchanged
  • UN-bolded table headers (snooze)
​Bug Fixes
  • No longer loses the query parameters on import screen
  • Can no longer mess-up-ed-ly copy users
  • Error alert no longer visible to only vorvons
  • Event detail: Recurring events now show "Register" button (Whatup, Tiffany and Donna?)
  • Fixed reload issue in Users - Previously showed images multiple times
  • Absolute URLs in OpenGraph meta header. We hope it will make Facebook choose the correct primary image. (Fingers crossed, Cesie)
  • Fixed Link/File tool in the CK Editor
I can't say we're "proud" of what we've done
or even "pleased".
Certainly not "jolly".