The Mississippi Conference Improves Communication With District Sites

Jane Horstman, Database Manager, The Mississippi Conference of The UMC


Jane Horstman, the Database Manager for the Mississippi Conference of The United Methodist Church, saw multiple problems with her 11 districts’ websites. They were either non-existent, out-dated, or off-brand.

For those unaware, “conferences” and “districts” are regions of The United Methodist Church responsible for managing a set of churches. Conferences are kind of like “states” and districts are like “counties” within the “states”.

There was no easy way for her to communicate to a specific district, or for the district staff to painlessly manage a website in addition to their jobs. It was a lose-lose situation. She either had to reformat and rework content for each individual site or have staff figure it out on their own. No web development fairies or anything like that, just a lot of duplicated effort and posting the same thing multiple times.

Brick River is located in the little southern nib between Massachusetts and Maine. And to me, northern New Hampshire feels like a foriegn country. Mississippi is five times larger. I imagine they feel similar. For example, if you want people to sign up for a local event, a regional platform can speak to the people who care the most. But having to log into three or four different free website creators to resize the same damn picture gets frustrating… It also wastes a lot of time.

Jane hates that kind of stuff because she's smart. So she worked with us to give her districts sites.

Jane wanted a clean design that made it easy to find information and communicate important news like local events. She doesn’t want people to have to dig and scroll for excessive amounts of time to find what they need.

“A hallmark of good business practice is good communication,” said Jane. “People being able to find you and learn about you.”

She knows that part of communication is repetition, and a person might need seven or so reminders before signing up for an event. But barraging her email lists with excessive reminders will drive everyone crazy. Instead, their conference’s approach is to use their main site, district sites, and social media as additional points of contact. Fewer reminders and more platforms serves as a less obtrusive way to connect to relevant audiences.

Since all the sites are managed within Brick River, she can create and manage content in one place. This makes it easy to post the same content (like blog posts or events) to her conference site, any district site, or any combination in between. Her districts can do the same.

Got a need for regional sites for your: districts, field offices, chapters, churches, stores, franchisees, etc? Do you want to enhance their communication without adding a ton of work to your plate? Are you dreaming of websites but not sure where to start? Try a demo or schedule a time to chat with us, we can show you how easy it is to manage 100s of websites on our platform.

“Brick River has formed a team of people who are creative, out-of-the-box thinkers and problem solvers. If you can dream it they can create it. And their customer service and support are amazing—they go the extra mile. They've even responded to me at 10 o'clock at night. That tells me that I matter. Bottom line: I definitely recommend Brick River!”