Together We Thrive Goes Bold with Artistic New Website

Together We Thrive Website


The Together We Thrive initiative brings together different religious organizations to give clergy training, coaching, and support systems to help better lead their ministries.

Rev. Heather Ramsey Mabrouk, Program Coordinator, needed a website so people could find out more and sign up for retreats and other programs. But she wanted more than an information dump, she wanted an artistic representation of the initiative that worked well with their logo.

Heather Ramsey Mabrouk
Heather Ramsey Mabrouk, Program Coordinator, Together We Thrive

“The actual series of programs is all about growth, leadership, innovations, and bringing new life, new connection to clergy who can then bring it back to their congregations,” said Heather. “I wanted [the website] to be exciting and life-giving.”

Heather, a former elementary school teacher, did her homework on websites. She looked through the good, the bad, and the ugly to decide what to incorporate and what to avoid. Her biggest pet peeves on a website are ugly fonts, too much spacing, and unrecognizable pictures.

Luckily, we have a few extra decades of web design experience over the average elementary school student.

“Before it launched, I presented it to our advisory board, just some screenshots. There was silence and then people were like: ‘oh my gosh, I love it’” said Heather. “Words like exciting, different, unique, and engaging came out of that conversation.”

The homepage isn’t too wordy, and the subpages are broken up into easily readable chunks. For instance, the section on “Communities of Practice” is broken up by various headers, bullet points, and quotes separated from the main body. This way, visitors aren’t barraged by a daunting wall of text, but no necessary information is omitted either.
“Sometimes what isn’t said can be just as powerful as what is said.”