Updates to the event reg system


We've made some updates to event reg.

And more is coming. December is "Event Reg Updates" month.

In group reg you can specify the labels above

Here's a 1 minute video showing that

Improved dragging

It's now much easier and less brittle to drag questions around

Open/close, archived, tags are now sticky

If you click to see only "open" that will stay stuck for you on that computer.


Improved the conditions screen

Much better UI. Here's a 1 minute video showing that


Some other minor things

  • Generified the words "registrations" and "registrants"
  • Fixed spacing issue on the confirmation page
  • Added words, "draw your signature below" above electronic sig box
  • Tweaked deposit to tell them they need to enter an amount - but we're also tweaking that even more


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