US Esports Launches Dozens of Websites on Brick River

12/9/2022 3 minute read

US Esports connected with Brick River, and our system's unique multi-site ability, to launch websites for each school type esports league. This is new. Real new. It's about a month old, and they are signing up more schools every week.

Esports are just like regular school sports. Instead of the kids playing soccer, football, or field hockey, they compete within video game titles. For example:, League of Legends, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros, and Valorant.

US Esports has leagues, which are websites, by states. They started with New England states (i.e. NH, VT, ME) but are expanding by the month to include other states. States have different school types (public, private, catholic, etc.). And then there are school types, such as high school and middle school. For example:

All-in-all, at the time of this writing, they have 13 websites.

They researched different ways for them to build this multi-site system, and ultimately found Brick River to be the strongest choice because of our unique multi-site ability and database flexibility.

We built one, core "shared site," and all the websites simply inherit from that shared site but have their own variations. Need to spin up another website for another state? It takes just a couple of minutes of button clicking. 

If you look at the websites, you can see that they all have the same layout and functionality.

New Hampshire's Website

Massachusetts' Website

Yet, each league (website) has its own name and school type. They each have news, where they post news and upcoming events, specific to their league, about trainings, practices, and STEM content.

Each league has schools. Schools have teams. Teams compete in one of the game titles. Teams have coaches, players, and captains.

Sites have schedules of upcoming matches and then results of matches and standings. It's just like any other sports league. Like, for example, the National Football League or Premier League.

Some cool functionality built in

Each league site displays schools in that league. If a school is interested in joining, they can easily sign up their school.

They get verified, and then the school admin can make teams and invite coaches and other admins to make teams and invite players. Each person has a profile, and they can update their info, create teams, invite people, enter results, etc.

There's also some nifty integrations with Twitch and Discord. Players and teams can have profiles on Twitch and Discord. The league websites embed Twitch videos based on profiles and matches. It works by reaching out to Twitch to see if a video is playing live now, and if so, we show it.

US Esports and Brick River have high hopes for this startup, and we're proud that our system's multi-site ability and flexibility was just what they needed!

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