Views & View Permissions cleanup plus a couple other tweaks.


The biggest thing that is in today's publish is...

  • We merged the Admin > Views and Admin > Permission Views screens to reduce confusion and make things simpler.

  • We also linked to the views from our new users and groups view permission screen. This way you can see the views that make up the permissions.

Here's a video on the views changes.

We also did these tweaks or fixes...
  • We improved the look of the "email mail merge checker" screen. We made it less confusing.
  • We made it so that you can't add the same search field twice when filtering on a view index page.
  • We updated our BRT.GenerateMeta helper to use property as the parameter instead of name for og (open graph...Facebook) meta tags. We did this so when sharing a page of your site to Facebook, it will do a better job of grabbing the title, primary image, description.