Sage Cheeseheads From Wisconsin Conference Decide On Brick River


The Wisconsin Conference of the UMC is hopping on the Brick River bandwagonand we’re psyched!

Sarah Sneider, Conference Treasurer and Director of Administration, needed a new database and website while also consolidating their tech platforms. Their internal processes had more holes than swiss cheese because unintegrated software had them duplicating efforts and losing precious time. This is excessively frustrating when you’re trying to do something like churn out a bunch of newsletters.

“Brick River is not just a database. They understand The United Methodist Church so when we ask for something they know why we need it.”

As the 31st Methodist Conference with Brick River, there’s strength in numbers. Sarah loves working with other Methodist super-users. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, especially when helpful friends are willing to lend a hand. The dairy capital of the US already produces enough wheels anyways...

Some other clients on the data move cheese board are the Illinois Great Rivers Conference, the General Council on Finance and Administration, and the Pacific Northwest Conference.

P.S. we apologize to any Wisconsinites for the cheesiness in this blog post...