Zip distance-based searching - imagine the possibilities


Ring the bells. There's even more to celebrate now that we've added zip distance searching

Now, find any contact or content by distance from a zip code.

Want to email all the people within 10 miles of an event? Done.
Find all the volunteers near the work site,
volunteer opps in a certain area,
events within 25 miles of Evanston, IL,
classifieds close to Clearwater, FL
leads near Leeds, AL,
the pubs in Cambridge, MA that serve Lunch beer?

You get the idea. Now, let your mind go. Imagine the possibilities.

Works in Brick River but you could also update your web pages to find things by zip

This was *not* the case yesterday. Let us know if you want us to rework any of your search pages to have zip-based searching. We'll add to our list.

Here's how it works in Brick River