Brick River Email Blaster

Brick River Email Blaster

The Brick River Email Center is a powerful tool that can fit in to an organization's communication plan in a number of ways.

It is simple enough to use for small campaigns - which send a few messages to a handful of recipients - as well as huge campaigns with large recipient lists, imports of addresses from external files, linked data forms and detailed analysis of the message's impact.

Emails sent using Brick River are sent using our cloud based outgoing email server - which  allows us to track each recipient's interaction with messages (how many times they are opened, reopened, forwarded, etc.)

Email Center

All Email activity is managed using the Email Center.  All  Users with sufficient permission to send Email can open the Email Center by clicking the Email link in the Web Console.

Take a moment to read Getting Started with the Email Center and watch brief overview video on that page.

Then create your first email template and send your first Brick River Email!

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