@BRT Helpers

@BRT Helpers

The @BRT Helpers are custom Razor Helpers that drive the dynamic content of your website.  They use standard Razor Helper syntax:

 @BRT.HelperName(one or more parameters) 
  • Virtually all BRT Helpers require at least one parameter -  but a few will work without - such as @BRT.SiteMenu() and @BRT.BreadCrumb()
  • Virtually all BRT Helpers use named parameters - except @BRT.Raw()  - which takes an unnamed item.GetString("FieldId") parameter
  • Syntax is, of course, case sensitive.  The Brick River convention is to capitalize the first letter of each word in the Helper name.  Parameter names are also case sensitive. 

Several @BRT Helpers retrieve records from the Content or Contacts table in order to present information from those records on site pages.  These helpers retrieve list of EngineRecords.  It is common to see code blocks in @BRT Helpers looping through the retrieved EngineRecords, for example:

 @foreach(EngineRecord variableName in item) {

Some Helpers are simple and stand-alone, others are complex and only work in tandem with other Helpers.

Developers will most often compose @BRT Helpers in Layouts and Pages.  Error checking occurs upon each Save / Publish to alert you to errors in your code.

Data Helpers

are your primary tools for displaying dynamic content on your website.  Virtually all website content is organized in the Brick River Web Console using Custom Views to define and organize data records.  The Data Helpers are used in your code to render this various content as link lists, menus options, thumbnail galleries, and content detail pages.

The Data Helpers are:

Category Helpers

create lists from the contents of Category fields on Content and Contacts records.    These Helpers make it easy for you to give your site users the easy navigation tools to get to the content that matters to them.  All articles by their favorite author... All events in their region... All recipes that are excessively spicy. 

The Category Helpers are

Calendar Helpers

are used on calendar pages and event detail pages.  On the calendar page, the @BRT.Calendar() Helper renders the calendar and points to a details page for events on the calendar.  On the details page, the @BRT.CalendarDetail() Helper points back to the parent page that contains @BRT.Calendar()

The Calendar Helpers are:

Brick River calendars

  • use straight HTML and are easily stylized with your own CSS.
  • include links for change between Week, Month and List views.
  • include links to filter Events displayed by category.
  • of course, are wonderfully responsive.

Login Helpers

provide the tools for creating website portals that require user authentication for access.  Include these Helpers in BRT Layouts and apply the layouts to any pages that need authentication.

Login Helpers are:

Other Helpers

@BRT.Raw() - Converts encoded text from View fields to enencoded text for web page display
@BRT.BreadCrumb() - adds Breadcrumb links to a page
@BRT.DataLink() - creates a link to a Data Form
@BRT.DisplayError() - for displaying site errors
@BRT.Files() - to present list of files in BRT system folders
@BRT.PhotoGallery() - to create galleries of photos stored in system folders
@BRT.RegData() - retrieves information from user completed Data Forms
@BRT.SiteMenu() - creates links to parent, sibling and child pages

@BRT.SearchResultsScript() - creates a list of content retrieved by the Brick River search engine


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