Christa's Comm Blues

Christa Meland, Director of Communications, Minnesota Conference of The UMC

Christa’s wonky website had her feeling blue and her co-workers complaining. "All-in-one" has everyone fist-pumping.

Christa's Conundrum

Too many sites had Christa’s head spinning. And whenever someone had a problem, it became hers too. A bunch of unintegrated systems made everything slow and painful.

"All-in-one" Joy

Our all-in-one marketing communications platform, custom-designed to meet her organization’s many needs—with cloud-based email, event registration, and hosting services—has them high-fiving. Now, her staff works smarter, not harder, on one platform.

Killer Email

Christa sends out snazzy emails in a snap with the email tool, and analytics help her see who's opening them. She can measure the stats she cares about, and even create cool graphs and charts too.

Legit Tech Support

When an email problem had her texting us in the wee hours one morning, we had someone working on her problem immediately. Now, her staff is doing the happy dance and Christa’s free to join her daughter at the playground.

"I’ve been a professional communicator for more than a decade and managed numerous websites during that time. I didn’t know how fantastic the experience could be until working with Brick River. Their expertise and customer service are phenomenal. The Brick River staff care a great deal about making sure clients are happy, and I am incredibly grateful to be able to work with them. I love Brick River and can’t recommend this company strongly enough."
Christa Meland, Director of Communications, Minnesota Conference of The UMC