Clergy Comp Module

Conferences using this module

  1. AWF
  2. Florida
  3. IGRC
  4. Iowa
  5. Wisconsin
  6. Texas
  7. West Virginia
  8. Greater Northwest Area


How it works

Here's a video walkthrough of the status as of 11/11/21

management and access is through the people portal.

And you permission it like you do permissions in the people portal currently.

People access the comp form and report via the people portal.

Assign people to see just their own clergy comp form or, if they serve at a church or charge level, assign them to see their pastors.

"comp configs" is where you create filing and comp periods. You define your form in a corresponding view.

You also define your approval stages.

We build the form for you. whoever is in charge at the conference-level works with us, though.

We work with you to add in the fields, variables, formulas, show/hides, validations, etc.


You Can define variables year over year to be used in your formulas.

People come to a screen in the people portal where they enter their comp and see a report. One report.

The report is "one way". It spits out all the fields in the "compensation record" and loops through the breakdown per church and spit that out per church. You only have limited flexibility in this report in that you'll be able to define the labels and descriptions but nothing else.

People have a "more info" screen with their appointment and compensation history. 

There is a conference-management page

Filter by:

  • start and end dates
  • approval stage
  • district
  • name

Other functions:

  • Print every comp form as a web page
  • Download in one button-push every comp form as a separate file. 


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Notes & Limitations

  • The form: Forms fields list vertically from top to bottom.
  • The report: We'll have one report that will spit out the comp fields and breakdown per church. You won't be able to alter the layout.
  • DocuSign? Version 1 does not integrate with an external signature system like DocuSign or HelloSign. That doesn't mean it could never happen. It's just not in version 1.
  • Other systems: To integrate with your billing systems or Wespath, you will use the reporting already baked into the Brick River Console. In the initial version, we will not have a direct connect to external systems like Wespath, MissionConnect, etc.


  • Start: $9,400 (or two payments of $4,700) per conference. If you don't have the people portal, ($3,000), we will give it to you as part of it.
  • Year one maintenance: One year after the initial fee there will be a "year one maintenance fee". This will be higher than the following year maintenance fees because it's always more work when launching a module. There are more things we have to code; more kinks to work out; more trainings, etc. The "year one maintenance fee" will be $3,400. 
    The first year of maintenance will include up to 160 hours per year. Anything above that will need to be paid for by the requesting conference or a bulk-buy.
  • Year two and beyond maintenance fee: The following years the maintenance fee will drop to $900/year.
    Will include up to 70 hours per year of maintenance. Any other updates beyond this number can be paid for by the individual requesting conference or through a bulk-buy.

An example of the payment schedule...

  • Start: $9,400 (or two payments of $4,700) due at signing. Let's say you sign up on Nov 1, 2021, you can either send us $9,400 on Nov 1, 2021 or you can send us $4,700 Nov 1, 2021 and then another $4,700 on May 1, 2022
  • Year one maintenance fee: Nov 1, 2022 - $3,400.
  • Year two and beyond maintenance fee: Nov 1, 2023 - $900/year.