Code Snippets

Code Snippets

Brick River Code Snippets are stored chunks of code that can be inserted into Pages, Layouts, Emails, and Content Records. 

Some are designed for code jockies and are only available when editing Layouts or working in Page Source Code.

Others are for content creators and can easily be inserted in the body of Pages, Posts and Emails.

Brick River provides more than 35 snippets - and we're creating more all the time. 

You can also create your own.  If you've ever done something cool that you would like to re-use on other parts of your site - it's time for you to write a code snippet!

Inserting Code Snippets

In the screens used to design pages, emails, layouts, and dynamic content (people, posts, events, etc)...

  1. Place your cursor on the line where you would like to insert something
  2. Click the  button
  3. Click the desired Snippet. 

    Additional screens may appear to gather more information and the snippet is inserted.

Viewing and Filtering Code Snippets

By default, the code snippet window displays all snippets available in the current context.  Irrelevant snippets are not shown.  For example, snippets that aren't designed to work in the body of an Email won't be displayed when designing an Email.

You can use filter and search tools to further refine the display of snippets.


 1 Search for a specific snippet by name

 2 Toggle between a view of All Snippets or Your Custom Snippets Only

 3 Filter the view of snippets by purpose

 4 Click to insert the desired snippet, or

 5 Cancel


Creating Code Snippets

Users with Administrator access can create and edit snippets.  Click the Admin Menu and select Code Snippets.

You don't need to be an experienced coder to create snippets, but it helps to know a little bit about HTML and CSS. If you're ready to give it a shot - learn all about it here in the Developer's Guide


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