Content Management

Power and flexibility to run one or hundreds of sites—from baby to behemoth.

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This is one of the many C# Razor Helpers we built into Brick River. Create an event calendar with one line of code - @BRT.Calendar(DetailPage:"eventdetail"). 

Customize tables and fields

We believe that the only constant is change, and we're built to accommodate. Every organization usually needs at least some custom fields to make the database work for them. Define any type of content you want - and define custom relationships between content. Author to Articles, Volunteers to Programs, Campers to Cabins, Recipes to Ingredients... It's all related. And you can customize Brick River's database to create one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many relationships between records to make it easy on the admin.

Developer-friendly code editing

The ACE code editor is baked into Brick River with many of the things you need in a lightweight code editor. Syntax highlighting, line numbers, and more.

Easy code editor

Other systems use online editors but ours are FAST and full-featured.  Code in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and C#.  Create pages, layouts, and edit script and CSS files directly. Color-coded text is easy on the eyes.  XML attribute lists jog your memory.  End tags and closing brackets auto create. Type fast. Code fast. Deliver fast!

Event sites

You can dynamically build event site pages. Create a great looking layout, then add key content to your page – hotel booking, location info, schedule, announcements, news, photo albums, speakers, and FAQs.

Image resizer

Select an image, crop it however you like, and you're done. No need to resize high definition images for the web. Load the image once and use it across your site, including emails.

Links checker

Never serve up a broken link or missing picture. Run the links checker to check all your links and images in all your pages and content – across all your sites. 

No template required

The Brick River system is a totally open system. The developer building the website is not bound by a template, but could drop in a pre-built template to get a head start. It's totally up to you.

Password-protected areas

It's easy to make different areas of your website password-protected. Make it easy for members to engage more deeply and access more, by giving them an area on your website just for them. For example, make a member portal where your members can log in and access documents, news, videos, and see directories of members. Or allow people to login and update their organizational information or contact information.

Post content across sites

Create and manage dozens, hundreds, or thousands of websites on Brick River. You can make your sites completely separate or they can share layouts, design elements, or content. If your sites share any of the same layouts or branding, you can easily make changes in one place and all your sites change instantly.

Powerful permissions

Many Brick River customers manage dozens of communicators/contributors contributing to multiple sites. User and Group permissions are easy to understand and effective for giving each contributor the best view of the data they manage.

Search engine

We have a search engine baked into the CMS. It groups by content type and it's index is always up-to-the-second up to date.

Sitemaps for SEO

All your content, both static and dynamic, is included in the sitemap file we submit to search engines. Turn it off for specific pages or content as needed. 

Sync Up

Need to integrate with other systems like an Accounting, Sales, or an ERP solution? If they provide an API (Application Program Interface), we can connect to it. Have your systems update Brick River or have Brick River update other systems. We make it easy and automatic.

WYSIWYG editing

Your communicators and developers can control more content with less hassle. We make it easy to create multiple editable sections on any page, you can mix static, data driven, and dynamic content on any page. Then have access to the source code for the techie, and WYSIWYG for the author.