Goldilocks-Certified ‘Just Right’ CRM

Not too complex. Not too simple.
Track people, volunteers, donors, companies, etc.
Easy to use and flexible to handle your specific needs.

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What makes our CRM better than the rest?

No time-consuming and expensive configuration/development process.

Customize and structure data, fields, and tables to fit your mission.

Need to migrate from another database? No prob dude, we can help with that.

Email your peeps directly if you want them to update their records themselves.

It's integrated with other parts of the system so you spend less time hopping around from different programs and platforms.

Fundraise fearlessly knowing you and your staff always have relevant donor information and reports at hand.

Pay for what you need without contract limitations.

The Holston Conference Isn't monkeying around

When Tim Jones got the news his old, clunky database was going to be put out of its misery, he had to scramble.

So we worked with them to rebuild their old database on our platform. Yes, we know moving a database might scare you a bit, but we’ve been around the database block a few times.

The end result was sensible, efficient, and devoid of painful repetitive data entry. And they don’t have to suffer building big annual reports anymore. They can easily save a report after building it and know they’re always up to date.

What’s even better for Tim and his database people is that every time they’re ASKED for a report they can just share it.

Now that Tim and his staff cut out all the monkey business, they’re saving tons of time and getting stuff done. 

Why Should You Care?

Communication Directors: Our database is integrated with the other tools you need, like the emailer. No need to export and import redundant information to send out a newsletter.

Executives and Finance People: Our CRM doesn’t require you to participate in a costly, excruciating, and miserable configuration process. We can help you move off your old one.

Key features

Activity log

Change log

Customize tables and fields



Email- based update-ability


Mass update

Share searches

Specific targeting

Sync Up

Zip code filtering