Dave's Dog Days are Over

David Norris, Communications Director, Special Olympics Texas

Dave manages athletic events, and a bunch of dogs too. But too many offices and different systems had his staff scrambling. Our event registration tools kept his events from going to the dogs.

Running with the Big Dogs

As communications director for a large non-profit, David, who also heads a local pug rescue, works with staff who manage hundreds of athletic events statewide. His biggest hurdle: each field office has its own website and updating individual events registration forms across their system felt like running laps backwards. Our flexible, professional-grade event registration software rocketed them past the finish line.

Easy Event Reg

Streamlined event registration enables Dave’s co-workers to easily post events registration forms and share logistical details. And Dave can limit access so new users can’t make rookie mistakes—a game changer, he says.

Cool Customization

Not only does our customized solution (which David says he can’t get with other web platforms) meet his staff’s needs, it’s less expensive than other cloud-based event registration platforms because there aren’t any surprise fees. 

Now that Dave doesn’t have to worry about back end development, he can spend more time chilling with his dogs.