Diving in to Brick River

Welcome to Brick River - the CMS and cloud based Web Communications Platform optimized for designers who create beautiful sites with HTML, CSS, Javascript and .NET.

For new users, the Dev Guide provides a few articles to introduce you to the Brick River Web Console and the core concepts of Site Design, Content Management, Template Design, and User Administration.

Site Design


Brick River Sites are collections of Layouts and Pages that contain your HTML and C# poetry, and of course, the code, image, video, and various other files your site uses.

Content Management

Virtually all data driven content of a Brick River site comes from Content and Contacts records.  You, the developer, define and organize these records by editing the XML that our data engine uses to manipulate database tables.  The kind of content you define is limited only to your imagination.

Template Design


In addition to our world class CMS, we provide an Email Blaster and Registration Module that make Brick River an all around incredible communication platform. Users can easily create beautiful Emails and Web data forms using the templates that you create!

Learn more here: Registration and Email Templates

User Administration


Not much to say here... there are Users, Groups and Permissions.  Lock it all down or give 'em the keys.  Easy as click click click.

Read about Users, Groups, and Permissions here.

Are you ready to go? 

Like we always say here at Brick River... 

Empty yourself of fear!  You are about to create something. 


Brick - a small solid thing - often used in quantity to build large solid things.

River - a flowing body of water that carries things along on a current - often at high rates of speed.


never forget how awesome you are -




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