Email Marketing.

Manage your subscriber lists.
Keep in touch with your people, members, donors, etc.
Track your results.

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Smarties ask, "Why Brick River?"

Millions of emails sent monthly.

Stats show your most interested people.

Save time over connecting to external emailers.

Key features

Activity log


Drop in content

Email- based update-ability

Mail merge



Save to site

Schedule later

Specific targeting

Zip code filtering

Cute hats conquer all

Danette was spending over an hour noodling with her newsletter. But on Brick River she cut that down to ten minutes. That's 50 more minutes she and Pete can spend picking out cute hats.

Brick River is your one-stop-shop for your email-based outreach. Manage lists, save branded templates, and track easily digestible analytics. Drop-in little nuggets of code to spruce up your emails without having to reinvent the wheel. And you can even schedule your emails for later or publish it as content to your website.

Our email reputation is tip-top so you don’t have to worry about ending up in spam folders. You can also integrate our emailer with things like your databases, which might save you time and money.