Email Marketing

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Activity log

You can see all the opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces, drops, forwards, and more – right in each individual contact. As well as all event activity and spending. So you can email everyone that ever attended a certain type of event, or email everyone that ever spent more than $X on a certain type of form. It's all connected.


Forget 'one and done' email communications. Brick River allows you to publish any, and all, emails to an archival webpage – so staff and members have a rolling archive of what's happening within their community. Everyone has an easy-to-access place to go for information. This is in addition to the ability to push any email directly to your website. 

Drop in content

Save tons of time by dropping your existing website content into your emails. A living site needs flexible content, so drop in the latest news, blog posts, or upcoming events into your emails.

Email- based update-ability

Keep your member data fresh and save time updating it, in one central place. Email blast a secure link to have your people or organizations update their contact information.

Mail merge

Drop in mail merge fields like first name, last name, email, company name.


Use the email center to track the success of email campaigns. See the number of messages sent, opens, unique opens, forwards, number of links clicked, bounces, drops, and unsubscriptions. Compare statistics for all your emails in a single chart.


Start with the email templates in our template gallery and rest easy knowing that they are responsive. Creating custom templates from scratch is easy, as developers have full access to the Brick River Web Builder toolbox. 

Save to site

You can author an email and then immediately publish it to your site as a piece of content. For example, a blog post, news article, etc.

Schedule later

Send when you're ready, send for approval, or schedule it to be sent anytime in the future.

Specific targeting

Things get way easier when the emailer and the contact manager are together in one system. You can easily pick a specific list of people and then, in a click, send them an email. Email segmentation at its easiest.

Zip code filtering

Zip code filter your contacts. Need to find all your members near an event or in a certain city? Or, need to send an email to everyone within 50 miles of your home office? You can.