Email Permissions

Email Permissions

Email permissions are set in User or Groups.  To have access to the emailer a user/group must have permission to send email



1 Can this User send email? - gives access to the emailer and the ability to compose and send emails. Once send email permissions are granted, select the email templates and subscription lists available to the user or group.

2 What email templates does this User have access to? -  allows access to specific email template. If a user does not have permission to any email template they can still send email only using the default template. Select the email template(s) the user/group can access from the drop down list.

3 This User can send to these subscription lists:  - permits the user or group to send emails to the specified subscription lists. Select the list the user/group can send emails to.

Need to Know

The email template and subscription lists fields will not show up unless then Can the User/Group send email? box is checked

Admins Only

Only Admins can access system emails, all emails, email templates, reports, email site settings, unsubscribers/bounces and subscriptions.  There are no permissions for access to any of these areas.

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