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Great if you run lots of events, need max flexibility, and want to ditch extra per-transaction fees.

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No subtle, soul-sucking fees.

Gymnast-level flexibility.

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Pugnacious Dave

As Communications Director for The Special Olympics Texas, David, who also heads a local pug rescue, works with staff who manage hundreds of athletic events statewide.

His biggest hurdle: creating lots of registration forms.

Previously, it was a painful, costly hassle.

But now that they have switched to Brick River, our flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use system makes it simple for Dave or his teammates to crank out forms for all kinds of different events.

The other thing he likes is that we're less expensive than other cloud-based event registration platforms because there aren’t any surprise fees. 

Now that Dave has less worry, he can spend more time chilling with his dogs.

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