Content Manager FAQ

Can I edit content with no programming skills?

Yes. As a content manager you want to focus on the content and not mess around in clunky systems. Brick River is super easy. When managing web pages, it is as easy as it gets. You edit them as if you are on the site. When managing content, you work in very simple forms.

Are there any hidden fees, like any required third-party licenses?

No.  The pricing is the pricing.

I use separate tools for content management, email newsletters, contact management, and event management.  Can I really consolidate all that into one system?

Yep.  Log in to one place and get all of that done.  Brick River is more than just a CMS. It's a content management system, forms/event registration system, email blaster, and contact manager all in one. Many of our customers use all four parts and it saves them lots of headaches, time, and money. You don't have to sync systems together. With things under one roof, they are connected in ways that make things more powerful.

Can you help me manage multiple web sites?

Absolutely.  If you manage multiple sites, or you are an agency managing multiple client sites, you're constantly logging in and out of systems trying to manage them all.

With Brick River it's all under the same roof. You log in once and manage all your sites or manage all your customers in one place.

Does Brick River charge me for transaction fees?

No.  Many event registration systems charge extra fees on top of the base credit card fees. If you take a lot of registrations, it can cost thousands of dollars.

Brick River doesn't add any fees. You use Braintree or PayPal and whatever they charge is what you pay. That's it. That will save you money but also make you feel better like you're not overspending.

Do I need to set up my own hosting or manage code?

No. Brick River is cloud based so its up with just the push of a button. That means you don't have to wait to get going and you don't have code or hosting environment stuff to manage over time. Updates happen automatically.

Will Brick River Grow With Me?

Yes, Brick River is powerful and flexible enough for all the things you need to do now, and flexible and extensible for all the stuff that you will probably do in the future.

The Brick River system was built for organizations that are bit bigger - for more than just a few page websites. It is very easy to add your own tables, fields, etc - to handle any kind of content you have.

Developer FAQ

I need a system built in standard code languages.  Is Brick River open or proprietary?

With Brick River, you build the layouts and pages in HTML, CSS, and JS, but the server side language is C# and Razor.  All are very widely used and standard languages.

Will I have easy access to work in HTML/CSS/Code?

Yes.  We've worked in lots of systems and, as developers, one of the reasons why we made Brick River the way we did is that we struggled with a lot of the visual or template-based builders. We found them to be more difficult or limited what we could do.

Will I need to install and update plug-ins?

No.  We've heard the stories about plugins going out of date frequently, losing developer support, or being incompatible with other plug-ins, creating troubleshooting headaches.

There are no plugins on the Brick River system. The system is a collection of helpers and open code. So you have the coding flexibility to add in things that normally you would need a plugin for.

Some of the big “do it all” systems require huge installs with massive amounts of code.  Is Brick River easy to install and manage?

Yes. Lots of enterprise systems cost a ton of money and also are a big pain in the butt to manage. And often companies don't even use these big systems to the fullest of their potential.

Brick River offers much of the same functionality as these big systems but everything is less hassle. You're up and running right way - not in days or weeks. You don't have to schedule demos, negotiate prices. You can just fire up an instance and get working.

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